Choosing a bankruptcy attorney

A lot of people choose a bankruptcy attorney based upon his or her efforts at self-promotion.  Many attorneys spend a lot of effort and money on advertising, which now includes paying for search-engine optimization, meaning that their name appears when you do an internet search.  I am surprised when I do such a search because the search results are often headed by attorneys who do little or no bankruptcy work, but who are willing to take your money and farm out the work.  This type of attorney might also advertise on billboards.   Often the attorney who does the work on your case is not the attorney who’s on the billboard.

Another way to select a bankruptcy attorney is price.   This is fine for someone who only needs the basic task done.  You will pay extra if the case gets complicated, and if the attorney’s practice is based upon volume, your case might not get the attention it requires.

Our firm does not handle a high volume of cases, and we don’t do a lot of advertising.  Most of our work comes from other attorneys who are familiar with the quality of our work, and past clients whose lives and livelihoods we have helped to get back on track.  Call us if experience, personal attention and attention to details matters.

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